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Ray J Loses It After Cops Jeer At Whitney Houston Corpse

In case you had forgotten that Ray J and Kim Kardashian have had sex, Ray J is releasing a new single to iTunes next week titled "I Hit it First." It's a not-so-sly shot at Kanye West, who is expecting a baby girl with Kardashian later this year. Ray J really wants you to remember that he once had sex with Kim Kardashian, even before Kanye West. Applaud this man! Of course, the sad irony for Ray J is that the sex tape only launched one career. Kardashian has gone on to build a powerhouse brand last year Forbes ranked her at No. <br>Visit:

"Time does not heal all wounds. Thats a complete myth. When people say it, it makes the top of my head blow off. If [it did], there wouldnt be people who are still bitter about their divorce twenty years ago, or people who cant talk about somebody who died ten years ago. They didnt do their grief workyou obviously can see that." Clearly, Ray J's got some issues to work out. <br>Visit:

"I took off on Ray J's ass at [Club Nokia] last night 'cause I'd seen him...I'd probably seen him twice since about '05," Bad Azz began before launching into a lengthy recollection that had to do with Suge Knight, Snoop Dogg 's tour bus, and Bad Azz (a member of the Snoop-related Dogg Pound) at one point allegedly getting jumped by "six or seven other dudes" from Suge's Death Row crew. "I said, Unc, next time I see Ray J pass me I'm taking off," Bad Azz said, referring to last night, where his entourage included a lady friend and his uncle. "So as soon as he walked by, I bing-bing-bing-bing a couple to the head. I respect him just a bit 'cause he tried to fight back a little bit." 5 reasons why Drake should date Amanda Bynes "But it wasn't nothing," he continued. "His homies helped him. <br>Visit:

Ray J Apparently Heard Some Shocking Comments Made By Cops. Incensed, Ray tried to storm the room but was held back by sentinel officers. After more laughter, Ray tried again to gain entry to the suite but was repeatedly denied entry and eventually removed from the floor. Though Ray has not emerged publically to make these claims himself, TMZ's source claims to be close to the rapper. If Ray's version of the incident is true, it would corroborate with evidence recently given by a police officer who was at the scene who has filed a complaint report against one of his colleagues. <br>Visit:

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Sandra Bullock Is Now One Of Hollywood's Biggest Movie Stars

The Weinstein Co. and Warner Bros. got into a high-profile spat earlier this year over Lee Daniels The Butler, which TWC wanted to call The Butler. That was the name of a 1916 silent comedy short from Warner Bros., and the studio refused to budge, so TWC was forced to change it choosing to add the name of its director. Disputes like that are rare, however. The MPAA says between 3,000 and 4,000 movie titles are submitted per year. <br>Source:

Some commenters were critical of the former hostages held in Afghanistan and others say the movie whitewashes those events in the Saemmul volunteers' favor. Lee said organizers of the Busan International Film Festival, where it premiered this month, expressed worries about showing the movie during the festival. Programmer Nam Dong-chul, who saw the movie and selected it for inclusion at Busan, said "God's Eye View" could appeal to audiences even if they were not Christian. "It is very religiously charged movie but it raises very unique questions," Nam said. "It questions what it means to be a martyr." Protestantism is the second-most popular religion in South Korea after Buddhism with some 9 million protestants among nearly 50 million populations. <br>Source:

"This is our baby." T-Boz brings reality to TV Actress-singer Keke Palmer plays Chilli, rapper Lil' Mama portrays Left Eye and Drew Sidora is T-Boz. "We basically took them under our wings and we shared a lot of stories with them," Chilli said. "We spent a lot of time with them, and they were very observant when it came to looking at how Tionne and I interact with each other, the chemistry that we naturally have." "We spent more time with Lil' Mama, since Lisa was not here," Chilli said. "So we really had to spend more time with her. She looked at a lot of video footage. <br>Source:

HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Movie Where No One Does Anything Stupid

Walk says he hopes to test the idea soon in San Francisco. Which Movies Have the Best Soundtracks? Walk's idea echoes a similar idea floated last year by two major theater chains at CinemaCon, the annual spring convention for theater owners in Las Vegas . Amy Miles, CEO of Regal, one of America's largest theater chains, proposed relaxing the anti-smartphone rules during such youth-friendly movies as 21 Jump Street . "You're trying to figure out if there's something you can offer in the theater that I would not find appealing but my 18-year-old son [might]," she said. IMAX's Greg Foster agreed, saying of phone-using teens like his 17-year-old son, "We want them to pay $12 to $14 to come into an auditorium and watch a movie. But they've become accustomed to controlling their ownexistence." Forbidding mobile usage may make such potential young moviegoers "feel a little handcuffed." Not every theater chain was ready to go along with the idea. <br>Source:

Scary movie deal destinations

In fact, many scenes were filmed right in downtown Seattle, like the photo lab on Kim Kardashian cellulite 5th Avenue and the apartments on Western Avenue. So, visitors can easily stroll through the city to check out these spooky spots, while also taking advantage of cheap shoulder season hotel prices. Those hoping for a closer look at the infamous cabin #12 where the audience was first introduced to the shocking seven days videotape, can head about an hour official site north to Silvana, Wash. Sample Deal: $95 per night for a 3.5-star hotel in the Downtown Pike Place area for stays 10/30-11/1/13. 3Georgetown, Washington, D.C. The Exorcist Warner Bros. One of the most well-known horror movies of all time is The Exorcist, which takes places in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. <br>Source:

She again took a token girl sidekick/love interest role and charmed the film away from Keenu Reeves and Dennis Hopper in what was a true star is born moment. She was the big reason, along with pretty much everything else that was perfect in said pics of Kim Kardashian bomb-on-the-bus thriller, why the film pushed past the no girls allowed action film ceiling of around $80m at the time and powered Speed to $121m domestic off of a $14m debut. A year later she proved that she was a star completely on her own, as she opened While You Were Sleeping to $9.2 million all by herself and pushed the leggy and popular romantic comedy to $81m and then pushed The Net, an of-its-time (and surprisingly grim) techno thriller, to $50m off a $10m opening. The next year was top-billed above Matthew McConaugheyand Samuel L. Jackson in Joel Shumachers all-star John Grisham adaptation A Time To Kill. The film was a late summer hit with $14m on opening weekend and an exceedingly leggy run to $108m domestic. She didSpeed 2: Cruise Control for Fox Fox , sans Keanu Reeves, in exchange for the studio funding her romantic drama Hope Floats. <br>Source:

Should Movie Theaters Allow Texting?

Tired of horror movie archetypes always going into wherever even though it's clearly certain doom, or splitting up when it makes much more sense to stick together, or shooting the killer once and hoping for the best? Then HELL NO is the Sensible Horror Movie for you. Still scared that HELL NO will be just as reckless and irresponsible Kim Kardashian surgery as all the other horror movies? Then check out this synopsis: Imagine a realm where the most horrifying terrors of the underworld emerge to wreak bloody vengeance upon any who hmm? whats that? you wanna go literally anywhere else? yeah, good idea lets get out of here. <br>Source:

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Coldplay To Receive Hollywood Song Award For 'atlas'

But in the case of David Picker, who during a five-decade run in the movie industry helped launch the James Bond franchise, championed Academy Award Best Picture winners Tom Jones (1963) kim kardashian laser hair removal and Midnight Cowboy (1969), and introduced movie-goers to Woody Allen and Steve Martin, there should be an exception. The 82-year-old just released a new memoir, Musts, Maybes and Nevers, about his storied career that included a long stint as first the head of publicity and then president of United Artists, a few years as head of Paramounts motion picture division, and a role as producer on Martins breakthrough, The Jerk. Pickers first major close encounter with a Hollywood legend was a young unknown model by the name Grace Kelly, whose first major film was about to open. The then-college student, working at United Artists between terms at Dartmouth, was tasked with escorting the bombshell to a photo session on the roof of Manhattans Beekman Towers Hotel where a Daily News photographer was waiting to take her picture. She was an actress no one had ever heard of who played the ingenue lead in High Noon, which was a movie that UA had financed and was about to open in New York, says Picker. When I dropped her off after the shoot, she leaned over and kissed my cheek, and said, Thank you very much. The movie opened and the rest is history. For the record, he has washed his cheek since. <br>Source:

The entire soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be released by Lionsgate and Republic Records on Nov. 19, 2013, and the film will open worldwide on Nov. 22, 2013. The Hollywood Film Awards are determined by founder and executive director Carlos de Abreu and an advisory committee. De Abreu tells THR, "The Hollywood Film Awards is thrilled to present the Hollywood Song Award to a band as globally respected and prolific as Coldplay. They continue to build their legacy and, with Atlas marking the first time they have recorded for a motion picture, we cannot think of an artist better deserving of this honor. VIDEO: Coldplay Unveils 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Song, 'Atlas' Other 2013 honorees who have already been announced include12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen and supporting actress Lupita Nyong'o; 42's supporting actor Harrison Ford; August: Osage County's ensemble and supporting actress Julia Roberts; Before Midnight's lead actress/co-screenwriter Julie Delpy, lead actor/co-screenwriter Ethan Hawke and co-screenwriter/director Richard Linklater;Behind the Candelabra producer Jerry Weintraub; The Book Thief's lead actress Sophie Nelisse; Captain Phillipsproducer Michael De Luca; Dallas Buyers Club's lead actor Matthew McConaughey and supporting actor Jared Leto; Gravity's lead actress Sandra Bullock; Fruitvale Station's lead actor Michael B. <br>Source:

Hollywood writes true toy story for Astoria entrepreneur

"(He's) one of the most important and infamous kingpin pirate leaders, responsible for the hijacking of dozens of commercial vessels from 2008 to 2013," Delmulle said. Abdi Hassan whose nickname, Afweyne, means "Big Mouth" was charged with hijacking the Belgian dredger Pompei and kidnapping its nine-member crew in 2009, Delmulle said. The Pompei's crew was released after 10 weeks in captivity when the ship's owner paid a reported $3 million ransom. Belgium caught two pirates involved in the hijacking, convicted them and sentenced them to nine and 10 years in prison. But prosecutors still wanted the ringleaders. <br>Source:

The award will be given at the Carlos de Abreu, founder and executive producer of the Hollywood Film Awards, announced today that Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Will Champion, and Jonny Buckland of the multiplatinum, multiple Grammy Award-winning recording act Coldplay will be honored with the Hollywood Song Award for the hit song "Atlas" from Lionsgate's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. The award will be given at the 17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala check it out Ceremony on Monday evening, October 21st, 2013 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. Chris Martin of Coldplay is accepting the award on the band's behalf kim kardashian imdb as well as performing the song. "Atlas," the first song the band has ever written and performed for a motion picture. "Atlas" will be released as part of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack from Lionsgate and Republic Records on November 19, 2013, just before the film opens worldwide on November 22, 2013. "The Hollywood Film Awards is thrilled to present the Hollywood Song Award to a band as globally respected and prolific as Coldplay," said de Abreu. <br>Source:

It got on camera and it got a lot of placement. Neasi said the films cast became enthralled with the puzzle; once, she spotted Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson fiddling with the Eni on the set. Sebazco and his family have been working for the better part of a decade to build this puzzle and popularize it. He commissioned his father-in-law and brother-in-law, a manufacturer and rocket scientist, respectively, to design the product in 2005. It took five years of prototypes to get it built, patented and ready for the market. Sales of the family invention have steadily grown since its inception, in 2010. <br>Source:

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Kaye A. Kennedy

Rita (poyle) Kaye December 16, 1995 KAYE. Rita (Poyle) Kaye of West Hartford, widow of Maurice Kaye, who died in 1991, died Thursday (December 14, 1995) at home. She was a retired employee of the Pettigrew Co. in West Hartford and was a long time volunteer at Hartford Hospital. Funeral services will be Monday, 10:30 a.m., in the chapel of the Weinstein Mortuary, 640 Farmington Ave., Hartford with interment in Fairview Cemetery, West Hartford. <br>More:

Kaye graduated from St. Augustine Grammar School in Hartford, Mount St. Joseph Academy in West Hartford and attended St. Joseph College in West Hartford before Kim Kardashian Superstar moving to West Haven. She held various managerial positions during her 30+ years at Saab-Scania of America. <br>More:

M M Kaye

"My parents," she later recalled, "were of the Kim K generation who thought girls didn't need a proper education, so long as they read a lot." Along with her brother and sister, she shared a governess with other families, "but there was little to do but feed the birds and squirrels in the luxuriant tropical gardens". Indeed, the children were browse unaware that they were not Indian themselves. "I never thought for a moment that I was not one of them," she explained. "I was merely a member of a different caste in a land full of castes." When she was 10, Mollie was sent to England to be Kim Kardashian formally educated. "I found the place incredibly dreary," she said, "so cold and colourless." Boarding school was "hell" and, bullied by the other girls, she and her sister would "say rude things about the pupils" in Hindustani. <br>More:

Terry Tippin officiated. Burial followed at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens. Expressions of sympathy may be made to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105 or McCracken County Humane Society, 4000 Coleman Rd. <br>More:

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Tv Broadcasters Ask Supreme Court To Review Aereo Dispute (read

The application kim kardashian instagram can be accessed from Google Playstore or Apple App Store. There will be two DishOnline packs - the JUMBO Pack at Rs. 129/- which will include - all live TV channels + all Movies + all shows + all videos and the STARTER pack at Rs.49/- which will include all movies + all shows + all videos. As an introductory offer, the same will be available at Rs. 69/- and Rs. 29/- respectively. Announcing this development, Mr. <br>Source:

Of course, there is no guarantee that either the TV Broadcasters or Aereo will prevail. If the Supreme Court decides to hear the case, it will pit the right of TV Broadcasters to control the distribution and access to over-the-air TV broadcasts via their claim of copyright ownership, verses the right of consumers to receive that content via Aereo's service. The Aereo TV service is now available New York City, Boston, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and slated to be available soon in at least twenty more U.S. Cities in 2013-2014 ( Refer to Coverage Map ). For more on this story, read the report from CNET . <br>Source:

Bold. Not lacking in exclamation points. Good lord this device could change everything. It is "One of the Biggest Breakthroughs Since TV was Invented!" And "Easy To Use!" You will "Never Pay A Monthly Cable Bill Again!" A bleached blonde on the package, hand out to the side, upturned, smiles madly. She is presenting a hulking mass of computer that looks like nothing more than an oversized official site Soviet-era iPad knockoff. On the screen: a white rabbit against a white background, its eyes appearing disembodied against the negative space. The blonde's smile will never cease. <br>Source:

The Rabbit TV, considered

(Credit: Google) Google TV will soon give up on separate branding and going all-in with its operating system by renaming itself Android TV. Related stories: LA Times cuts off climate-change deniers The television-specific, media-focused version of Android has lay more or less fallow since it received its Honeycomb upgrade in 2011 . There's no word if or when Google is planning on upgrading Google TV from its current Android 3.2, but Google developers and hardware partners have begun to drop use of the "Google TV" moniker in favor of "Android TV," reports GigaOm . The rebranding isn't surprising, considering that Google told CNET after the Chromecast launch in July that Google TV was not about to go the way of the Nexus Q . "Google TV is moving forward in a major way," Chrome and Android chief Sundar Pichai told CNET. Google, he said, planned on announcing more hardware partners for Google TV at CES . It's possible that the January tech mega-show also will see the rebranding into Android TV. <br>Source:

Surprise! Roku LT is a better buy than Apple TV

The broadcasters have contended this is an infringement on their copyrights and specifically, a violation of their performance rights. A New York federal judge, however, refused to grant an injunction on the grounds that each Aereo subscriber was receiving a private, individualized transmission stream. In April, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld that denial. On Friday, the broadcasters filed a petition for writ of certiorari. According to the petition, the question being presented more information is "whether a company 'publicly performs' a copyrighted television program when it retransmits a broadcast of that program to thousands of paid subscribers over the Internet." The petitioners say that the 2nd Circuit ruling "threatens to upend" the billions of dollars that the TV industry has invested in programming "by blessing a business model that retransmits 'live TV' to paying customers without obtaining any authorization or paying a penny to the copyright owners." It's argued that Aereo's system is best interpreted as a public rather than private performance under the Copyright Act and Congress' intent "to include retransmission services within the scope of the public-performance right." The cert petition was handled by former United States Solicitor General Paul Clement with assistance from attorneys at Jenner & Block and Debevoise & Plimpton. <br>Source:

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GET NCAA TV LINK)))) Stanford vs Utah live

Chicago Mercantile Association. The market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved. FactSet Research Systems Inc. 2013. <br>Source:

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