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Movie Review: 'horror Story' Packs In Some Good Scares!

Things happen. A surprise kiss shatters boundaries while a late night skinny dip seemingly redefines old ones. By the time Sunday rolls around, everythings up in the air. The rest of the movie deals with the trips surprisingly gentle aftermath. Swanbergdoes some wonderful editing, cleverly hiding important plot information (like how or if a couple broke up) so that we watch tenselyas Kate and Luke try to sort out what the apparent changes in romantic alliances mean for their ticklish relationship. The result is often moving, and the looseness of the entire project flows so effortlessly that the things you saw coming appear a surprise while those you didnt seem totally natural, somehow expected. Its said that the best scripts dont make the best films. <br>Source:

Vanessa Hudgens stars as Cindy Paulson, a stripper who manages to escape Hansen's clutches. Jack is the only one who believes her story, and her testimony becomes the cornerstone of his otherwise flimsy case against the psycho. There's some really nice chemistry between Cage and Hudgens. She looks so naturally sweet and vulnerable that she would elicit protective feelings from pretty much any dude. Cage picks up on this vibe of hers and really milks it. The concern in his eyes is touching. <br>Source:

‘Insidious: Chapter 2,’ movie review

Of them all, Karan Kundra (playing Neil), Radhika Menon (playing Neena) and Nishant Malkani (playing Achint) come good. The rest just about pass muster. A good soundtrack and background score can go a long way in giving the audience the heebie-jeebies in a horror movie. In Horror Story, there are a few deft touches here and there, but mostly its the ear-splitting shriek after stony silence that causes you to splatter your cola. Horror Story is not without cliches and tropes of its genre and one Kim Kardashian breast cant fathom why a ghost would wreak hell on innocent youngsters out on a harmless adventure. <br>Source: >]content

The Parody Movie Trailer For 'Airboarders' Is The Best Video You Will Watch All Day

That said, the movie doesn't go to the other end of the spectrum either. This is one little comedy that has its funny moments interspersed with predictable scenes. Moore is the titular teacher Linda, a singleton who lives with her cats. Life is, as you can expect, ordinary (read: boring) until she meets her former student Jason (Michael Angarano). After reading the manuscript company website of her star pupil, who is now a disillusioned playwright, Linda is determined to mount the production for her Kim Kardashian official school's annual play. You can foresee what's going to happen. There's your May-December romance, love triangles, emotional meltdowns... the list goes on. <br>Source:

Movie Beat: We’re the ones encouraging sequels

Thats the conundrum faced in Insidious: Chapter 2, which comes upon a few quirky solutions and movie-ripoff scares before settling into a kind of coma. Director James Wan (The Conjuring) is a brand name in horror, and to his credit adds a gloss on several riffs from The Shining, The Exorcist and even the unsupernatural Psycho. But Insidious 2 eventually becomes only about whats frightening in those earlier movies and relegates its own scares to screechy jump cuts and pop-out-of-the-dark jolts. Patrick Wilson is again Josh Lambert, the husband and father whose trip into another realm to retrieve his sons spirit marked the conclusion to 2010s Insidious. Josh and his son Dalton have the ability to astral project into a place between life and death. Its filled with otherworldly spirits, including a ghoul who wants a healthy body to live in. In the previous film, the fiend was a frightening old woman; here we learn shes, well, something else. Rose Byrne in Insidious: Chapter 2 The reasons for the switch are seen, too. But first Joshs wife Renai (Rose Byrne, in a thankless role) has to suss out where the new bumps and creaks in the house are coming from. <br>Source:

Movie review: The English Teacher (NC16)

Billed as an "official movie trailer" and released to Youtube by Bath Boys Comedy group , a nearly 4 minute video for "Airboarders" may be the most hilarious video you watch all day. The video is pitch-perfect parody of a movie trailer, starting with a group of friends driving, when one in the backseat discovers a business card and shows off tricks he can pull with it outside the car window. "I call it airboarding," he says, before the driver stops to say the move was incredible. The video continues to build, showing the epic rise of the group of friends in the "sport" before their eventual falling out. It ends with one insulting another, asking, "are you a man or are you just a bunch of business cards looking like a man?" It's worth watching the entire thing (some language): <br>Source:

Movie review: The Frozen Ground (NC16)

The Smurfs 2 received a 12 percent positive rating. But Hollywood pays attention to box office numbers, not reviews, and The Smurfs 2 ended up earning more money. Grown Ups 2, the Adam Sandler-helmed sequel that received only a 7 percent positive rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, proved even more financially successful over the long term. This isnt to say that all sequels are bad. I loved Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness Kim Kardashian calendar and Despicable Me 2, all of which proved to be some of the biggest box office successes of the summer. But when added to the success of Fast and Furious 6, another summer movie that saw huge returns, they send a neon-bright message to Hollywood that what we really want is to see characters weve already seen before. Thankfully, there were also a handful of original movies that made it through the summer season with their heads held high. <br>Source:

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